Mom To Be Sania Mirza Hit It Back At The Men On Twitter Trying To Give Her Advice

Tennis player Sania Mirza is expecting her first child with her Pakistan cricketer husband Shoaib Malik. Since the day, ace Tennis Player Sania Mirza’s pregnancy news came out, all of a sudden several men on the social media started giving her pregnancy advice. As we all know Sania Mirza doesn't take such unwanted things or troll or any other advice on social media and hit back at them with her sense of humour and wit.

The Indian Tennis player took to her Twitter official and wrote, "Word of advice for ppl (specially since the majority seem to be men) who think being pregnant means you have to go into hibernation for 9 months, sit at home and for some reason be 'ashamed in this haalat'..So when women are pregnant they don't have a disease or become untouchable".

And in another tweet, she notes down, "Or become a corpse!!! They are still 'NORMAL' human beings and are still allowed to live a normal life!! so pls take your heads out of your a** and think where exactly you came from too..your mother's womb!! #ittakesallkindstomakethisworld #dumidiots too !!"

For the uninitiated, Sania hasn't given up on her career instead she put it on hold and after giving birth to her baby anytime soon in this or next month, Sania will hit back at the Tennis court for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Earlier, the leading lady who is a global inspiration for all had said that she has always lived her life on her own terms and never followed the 'traditional women route' in her life. Sania is a former doubles champion [World No.1] and also a winner of six Grand Slam doubles titles, including the 2015 Wimbledon ladies' doubles with Martina Hingis.

On a personal note, after 8 years of happy married life, Sania and Shoaib are ready to embrace parenthood. Their baby is due in November 2018.

by Soniya Kaur | Sat, Oct 13 - 04:09 PM

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