Tamil Nadu Restaurant apologizes for naming dish as Iyer Chicken; receives backlash from netizens

In India, food items have been bundled by a strong string of caste system since a long time. For those who are born and brought up in an "Iyer" family, the guy would never turn his face towards the smell of the spicy chicken, garlic or mushrooms.

The Iyer families have taught their kids to respect their food in every form. But, India is a country where the food based caste discrimination are on a higher side and this is one of the major reason why a Tamil Nadu restaurant has stolen the limelight for the wrong reasons.


The recent issue came into prominence when a food menu was named after a popular caste and the food item was named as "Iyer Chicken".

We all know that the Iyer family never eat non-vegetarian food and this food item really seems to be aimed at this particular caste. It was the Milagu Hotel in Madurai, who advertised their special dish "Kumbakonam Iyer Chicken," which was highly criticized by the Brahmin community along with other Hindu groups.

The Iyer community always sweared by ‘Thaiyir Sadam’ (curd rice), and this move by the restaurant in Madurai very well looks inappropriate. This incident also forced the restaurant to apologize towards all the communities who got hurt.


As per a post on Twitter by one of the BJP politician, he tweeted that, "Madurai’s Hotel Milagu takes back its controversial “Iyer Chicken” dish & apologizes unconditionally! If you say not to hurt anybody’s religious sentiments it means *anybody*! Not for selective(only minorities??) groups!".

There is also a common complaint about the bad quality of the food that is provided by the said restaurant. The restaurant also posted an advertisement of this controversial dish on Facebook, which evoked more sparks and backfired them tremendously. Ultimately the hotel owners had to mark their apology towards various Hindu communities.

by Ricky Tandon | Sat, Aug 03 - 12:03 PM

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