Take a look at these 5 weirdest fitness trends to get in shape

Are you a fitness lover and wants to stay in shape?  Would you love to know some weird fitness tricks that can help you stay fit and fine?  We are here today to share some weird tricks with you.  These weird fitness trends will not require you to use any gym instruments or fitness tools.  Check out these 5 weirdest fitness trends below.

Laser Tag

This is pretty weirdest of all the fitness trends you will come across.  Laser tag is a regular game that everyone plays, but have you ever thought of paying for it to burn those extra flab in your body?  Instead of running that extra mile, take your best friend and run in the arcade and tag your buddy for one hour.  Wouldn't it be super fun?

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Animal Yoga

According to a report published in Betty.Me, it is said that "From Goat Yoga to Cat Yoga adding animals to your exercise class is getting to be big business. How flexible the kitties and goats are remains to be seen, but we get why people would want to work out surrounded by cute pets – you’d probably forget you were exercising at all."

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Mermaid life is a dream life to live for many.  You can now make your dream come true.  Yes!  You can now wear a mermaid outfit and attend the swimming classes to get in shape.  As per a report by Talk.com, "Once your tail is on, you hop in to a pool and learn to swim like a mermaid. Fair warning, swimming like a mermaid is really different than traditional swimming. Natural swimming usually involves kicking both your legs separately to propel you through the water. The mermaid tail forces participants to use their legs totally differently. They have to move their legs up and down in the same movement to propel them forward."

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Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping is a great way to shed the extra calories and get in shape.  Do this 20 minutes daily to stay fit.

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Who doesn't love to jump on a trampoline? If you love it too then get a trampoline and start your workout routine.

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This workout is apt for getting toned legs and for lower abs.

by Neetu Panwar | Thu, Apr 25 - 02:40 PM

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