“Taimur is a gunda, I hope he doesn’t pull Inaaya’s hair” says Dad Saif Ali Khan

Taimur has become everyone's favourite. There are several fan pages dedicated solely for Taimur and have umpteen amount of pics. He is only a few months old and has managed to win the hearts of millions. Not only Taimur, Inaaya is also gaining equal popularity.

Pictures of them playing together often go viral on the internet.

Talking about their bond, Saif said, "They hang out here at home. She is very small and delicate and he is a ruffian but we have a lot of people around so we don't need to be worried. But Taimur is a gunda . I hope he doesn't pull her hair (laughs)."

Earlier this year, Soha had spoken about Taimur and Inaaya at an event and hoped that they grow up to be best friends. "Bhai and I have an eight-year age difference. But Taimur and Inaaya will only have a year's. I hope they grow fond or each other as they grow up, become best friends. Of course, Taimur is a little older so he will always be the elder brother to Inaaya, protective about her," she had said.

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When Saif was asked about the constant media glare surrounding Taimur, Saif told a leading daily, “I don’t have a problem with the photographers because they are just clicking his pictures. Although it’s a bit intrusive, no movie star has a privilege of being extremely private. You might be looking at the Taj Mahal and people will start clicking your pictures. You try to be normal and then everyone takes your picture. That’s mildly bothersome. But I just think he has to get used to that, because, in the end, they are just clicking a few photographs.”

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Further, while talking about good parenting and his expectations from his kids, he said, “I have given my kids the freedom and space, which is why I trust them not to misuse it. They (Sara and Ibrahim) are young, but they tell me everything. I’m always in the know of what’s happening in their lives. I don’t know if I can call myself a friend, but we are really close as family and they know they can share anything with me.”

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