Tagline on a milk packet in Kerala goes viral; Netizens get annoyed

As per latest reports, a milk packet is being sold in Kerala under the brand name Om Krishna. The milk packet has a tag line "Farm Fresh Toned Milk Brahmins Product".

Apart from these, there is also another line written in Malayalam on the packet and these lines read, 'Gau Raksha, Desh Raksha'. This milk packet is being aggressively marketed as a Brahmins product and people are really wondering how such a product came into existence in the 21st century.


Asheem P K, a Twitter user from Kerala had recently posted a picture of an empty milk packet through his Twitter handle. In the picture we can see the tag line that was present on the packet.

His Tweet had the caption, "Kerala is now selling milk with tagline 'Brahmins product'. Also the text in Malayalam reads Go raksha, Desh Raksha'. Don't know whether to laugh or cry! #smashbrahmanicpatriarchy."


The tweet received a high amount of views and engagements and Twitter users from different part of the world started commenting for the same. There were also a high number of retweets for the post and a lot of debates and arguments appeared over the internet.


This really caused a rage over the internet, and one user said that Brahmins might be the name of an existing brand which sells different products. He said that "Brahmins" is the name of a company that has been around for almost 30 years. For this, Asheem replied that this is not the 30 year old "Brahmins" brand product as the packet does not have the logo of the same. He also said that the tag line cow raksha desh raksha is something that has not been seen in Kerala before.


Anyhow, this topic has caught a wide range of attention from social media users and is very much trending on the internet.

by Ricky Tandon | Fri, Aug 02 - 10:16 AM

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