Taare Zameen Par: A Movie Every Child And Parent Needs To Re-Watch In 2018

Taare Zameen Par is a movie every Indian should watch again and again. Why? because the movie was created to make an impact, it did make an impact but it was temporary. After a few months, the whole system was back on track to destroy the education system of the country, and eventually, the future of the country.

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In reference to Taare Zameen Par, the reports say that even in 2018 more than 50% children going to school find it difficult to read the text of any language and even more difficult to read when asked to read it out loud. A similar problem to what Ishaan had in the movie. The pressure from parents and teachers has made their creativity negligible in comparison to the children of countries like China and the US.

Here is why students and parents both should watch the movie again.

Role Of Parents

In the movie, when Ishaan's parents saw that he is not scoring in 'so-called tests', they thought he is mischievous and decided to throw him in a boarding school instead of accepting their duty as parents and trying to counsel their child's wishes and interests without being angry.

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More than the required amount of children, both the parents working on the hectic schedule, both of them not satisfied with salaries and ultimately throw all frustration on children is the scene of our country when in reality, it is they who fail to bring up their children in the best way.

Real Education Of Children

Taare Zameen Par teaches what real education of children is. It is not being in the top three in class in terms of marks. It is about identifying your skill and excelling in it. In the movie, Ishaan had great painting skills but his parents didn't appreciate it, neither are teachers at his school. Parents should start looking into their child's talent and encourage them to excel in them.

Real Teacher Is Not One Who Forces You

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One of the best things about the movie was Aamir's character as a teacher. The way he took the entry in children's class of drawing, the way he identified Ishaan's problem which no other teacher did, is something a true teacher should be. Aamir identified the problem of Ishaan and also saw his talent in drawing. He encouraged him to bring his creativity out.

Dreaming Is Important

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Yes, dreaming is important. If you don't dream, you can't decide your goals clearly. Also, it enhances your creativity. Ishaan's daydreaming helped him draw better.

Education System

Today, most of the children go to school because their parents throw them in school. The innocent children have no idea what they are learning and why they are learning. We understand that some information about our great countries and history is important, but what is with the dates? Knowing who was Tipu Sultan is important, not on which date, time and place he was born.

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Children just mug things up, we don't understand and they don't remember. No school teaches how to live life the practical way. Your children go to school with a heavy bag on shoulder, sits on the bench, either talk to a friend, sleeps or listens to whatever the teacher is saying. Teachers skip the sex-education chapters which are taught in 10th standard and then read newspapers and complain about how overpopulation is ruining the country. Even parents never talk to their children about the same.

That is why the countries like the US and China are ahead of us. No education and poor education both are taking us towards an unimaginable future. Do you think children who are not taught to read properly will be able to compete with heavily computed machines?

The movie teaches to teach your child with love and not throwing your frustrations on them.

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