Swiggy pedals towards eco-friendly delivery on 10 cities to reduce pollution

In a major announcement, Swiggy stated that it delivers more than 1.5 million orders on a monthly basis on mechanical cycles.

The well known domestic online food ordering and delivery platform said that it has a task force of more than 1.7 lakh delivery associates in over 120 cities.

Now the firm added that it will be navigating EVs in 10 cities crosswise the nation for its top notch services.

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This major step by the firm will prove to be monetarily sound as it states that the new EVs will encompass lesser running expenditures by around 40 per cent as compared to the gasoline vehicles. This will, in order, lead to higher efficient pay-outs for Swiggy’s delivery associates, i.e. the holders of these EVs.

This move also comes as a major attempt by the company to shift to a more sustainable and eco-friendly ways for its processes.

In a declaration, Srivats TS, Vice-President, Marketing, Swiggy, stated, "A couple of years back we initiated concerted efforts to make deliveries more sustainable for the environment. With close to 10,000 delivery partners on cycles each day, we have found that in some cities the average travel time for a delivery partner on cycles is lesser than bikes."

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"With the future heading towards more eco-friendly modes of transport, cycle and EV logistics will be the next game changer in food-tech and Swiggy wants to be at the forefront of driving that change," Srivats said.

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With the initiation of such eco-friendly vehicles into their frequently operating fleets, the food delivery giants are accompanying a new period in the nation that will correspondingly lead to the rise of a business that is not discovering a lot of client base in nation’s markets at the moment.

Swiggy’s efforts span out crosswise 54 cities of the nation made by a fleet of around 10,000 partners.

Swiggy said that Tier II and Tier III cities including Surat, Guwahati, Lucknow, and Belgaum make up around 20% of these delivery associates, turning the shift to an eco-friendly and sustainable option for its logistics operations evident.

by Neetu Panwar | Tue, Apr 30 - 11:51 AM

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