Swapna Barman’s entire family in tears as they watch her win Gold for India

Swapna Barman is one sportsperson who is being talked about. Her life story is really an inspiration for all of us.

India is proud of Swapna as she created history by winning the gold medal in the women's heptathlon at the Asian Games 2018. She has now become and an International star. Swapna, who clinched the yellow metal, scored 6026 points as she outplayed China’s Wang Qingling and Japan's Yuki Yamasaki.

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Swapna’s story is like any other person who has faced difficulties and risen up to this level. Not only this, in spite of all odds, she has managed to clinch gold for India. Apart from all this, she is born with six toes in both feet and it was difficult for her to run. The extra fingers made landing for her bit painful and Swapna often had to do with uncomfortable shoes.

Swapna, who hails from Jalpaiguri town in North Bengal, is a daughter of a rickshaw puller. And throughout her career, Swapna was unable to afford the right pair of shoes. However, despite all the struggles, Swapna came out strong and made not only her parents proud but the whole country as well.

This is Swapna's family. Have a look at their picture:

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Reportedly, Swapna’s mother Basana, on the finals day was praying since afternoon for the success of her daughter. And once her daughter won the gold medal, she burst into tears!

In a video shared by former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag, Swapna’s mother could be seen crying as she couldn’t control her emotions. “There are some phenomenal stories of the athletes competing at the Asian Games. These are stories of perseverance, determination, and ability to bounce back against all odds. Have become an even bigger admirer of Swapna Barman after coming to know of the struggles she had to go through. 6 toes in each leg, bandaged jaw, father a rickshaw puller and countless struggles. This is her mother watching her win the Gold on television, thanking the Almighty,” wrote Sehwag on his Facebook page.

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Watching Swapna’s mother vent out her emotions, without a doubt, tells the story of the struggle, the Indian athlete has gone through. And, no doubt, she deserved a gold medal! After Swapna’s win, her mother said, "I did not watch her perform. I was praying since 2 in the afternoon. This temple is made by her only for me. I believe in Goddess Kali a lot. When I got the news, I could not control my emotions.”

What is heart-wrenching is that Swapna's father, Panchanan Barman has been bedridden for the last few years due to old age problems and even that didn't stop the 21-year-old from living her dream.

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Well, isn't Swapna Barman's story an inspiration for all us?

We all have multiple reasons to give, to procrastinate things. But it takes only one strong reason to stay and to push it and achieve your passions and goals, no matter what!

What are your comments on this?

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