Timeless diva Sushmita Sen is surely an inspiration to women of all ages

The talented and the gorgeous Sushmita Sen surely is giving us many reasons to look up to her. The diva has taken the world by her intellectual, sizzling moves and fashion sense without a doubt. Be it her last round answer at Miss Universe pageant or her crowning moment, be it her adopting two girl children or her performances in films throughout the years, the diva has wowed us and motivated us with each progression she takes. So here are the reasons why Sushmita motivates us consistently.

Sushmita has broken the stereotypes, particularly regarding her relationships. Regardless of whether it's transparently discussing the man in her life or giving the ideal and most sensible life lessons to the young ladies out there, Sush's way to deal with relations is without fuss and drama, and simple and fun. Like she says, "let the magic find you."

Rather than holding on to it and keeping it secret, the actress opened up about her disease in an interview with Rajeev Masand and proceeded to motivate young ladies from everywhere. Whether it's a little injury or an ailment, buckling down and endeavoring to fight is actually what makes you more grounded.

Rather than following customary guidelines, Sushmita has thought of her own standards on child upbringing. On realizing what works best for her and her two little girls, Sushmita has raised her young ladies alone and has had the most lovely clarification to disclose to her young ladies about their adoption.

Sushmita Sen = flawlessness! She gives her 100% in everything to guarantee she gives it her absolute best. From walking the ramp for Lakme Fashion Week to answering her fans via social media platforms, Sushmita has constantly taught us on hard work, modesty and elegance. There's always something to learn from the superbly amazing and talented diva.

by Lokendra Sharma | Sat, Jun 08 - 08:32 PM

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