Sushmita Sen Recalls How a 15-year-old boy Misbehaved with her at an event

There is always a way for malefactors when it comes to misbehaving. Let that be a common girl out on the road or a top celeb with tens of bodyguards around her, they somehow find a way to tease them or misbehave with them. It has nothing to do with the age as well. There are many instances when Bollywood actresses became victims of such hideous behaviors.

Former beauty pageant winner, Sushmita Sen is not an exception. She recently participated in an event in which she took her time out to interact with the media. In her interaction, she revealed how she was shocked to see a 15-year-old boy misbehaved with her.  She also revealed how she caught him doing the misdeed and how she taught him a lesson right away.

Talking about the incident, she said, “So many times people think we don’t encounter things like misbehavior because we have bodyguards. Let me tell, even with 10 bodyguards around, we are dealing with a crowd of 100 men who have often managed to misbehave with us.”

Sushmita reveals how she was harassed by a 15-year-old boy

Talking further, she said, “Six months ago at an award function, a 15-year old boy misbehaved with me as he thought I wouldn’t realize because of the crowd around.  But, he was wrong.  I grabbed his hand from my behind and I was shocked to see he was just 15.  I held him by his neck and took him for a walk. I told him if I make a hue and cry, his life would be over.

He denied having misbehaved at first but I sternly told him to acknowledge. He realized his mistake, said sorry and promised me that it will never happen again. I didn’t take action against him because I understood that the 15-year-old was not taught that such things are an offense and not entertainment.”

It is an appreciative move by Sushmita to teach him a lesson right away rather than letting him go citing his minor age.  She once again proved that she is not just a great mother to her two beautiful daughters, but also a responsible citizen by teaching the culprit a lesson for his mischief in the very situation.

Sushmita Sen is one of the popular actresses in Bollywood.  She is one of those actresses who prove that age is just a number and nothing more than that.

by Vijay Singh | Mon, May 21 - 04:57 PM

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