Making a Guinness World Record, Surat jewellers create ring worth Rs 28 crore with 6,690 diamonds

Two diamond traders from Gujarat's Surat region have got their named listed in the Guinness World Record after making a stunning ring.

The diamond ring created by the two merchants is made up of pure diamond and carries a weight of 58 grams.

They have given Lotus shape to the ring.

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Khusbu and Vishal took around 3 month period to create this special ring that also comprised an 18 carat rose.

The video recording of the special ring shared by Guinness World Records on their Facebook page has turned viral all over the social platforms.

It is already known that Surat is the country’s diamond focal point and is renowned for fine-tuning as well as cutting of diamonds.

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Surat is again in limelight after its 2 renowned jewelers registered their names in Guinness World Record after successfully adding 6,690 diamonds on a ring.

The jewelers have created 48 diamond covered petals in the ring.

According to the record, the diamonds utilized in the wonderful ring have been validated are real and from independent sources.

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The report further added that this stunning ring got produced by Khushbu’s firm Hanumant Diamonds that is situated in Surat’s Mahidarpura.

When the media people questioned the makers on how this idea hit their minds, they promptly stated that they wished to raise responsiveness regarding the significance of water preservation.

Interestingly, the ring’s design also represents the national flower of India-Lotus. The two merchants further added that recognition is too much linked to a Guinness World Records label and they can make use of this chance to bring compatible people to work in the direction of a beautiful world.

It is stated that 9 out of 10 diamonds all over the globe get cut and refined in India.

The video recording of the attention-grabbing ring has been viewed more than 4 lakh people.

Some people have also condemned the makers for wasting too much of money on just one ring.

by Vijay Singh | Sat, Jun 30 - 01:43 PM

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