Some Stunning Reasons Why Your Next Journey Should Be On A Train

The most excellent approach of enjoying the country's regal attractiveness is by travelling through roads. The paths and avenues are the best way to enjoy the varied lives of the individuals of this nation.

The next top notch alternative is a train journey. They are speedy, mostly relaxed and the scenery you see on the way is sometimes totally magnificent.

Here Are Some Beautiful Reasons Why Your Next Journey Should Be On A Train -

  1. Mettupalayam - Ooty Route

The charming landscape of Ooty is best witnessed on the special toy train tours that must topped your travel list.

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  1. Jaisalmer - Jodhpur Route

Shown in a lot of flicks, the panorama you observe on this railway is as stunning as it can probably get.

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  1. Mumbai - Pune Route

At the Mumbai-Pune Route, you'll enjoy a new experience like never before.

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  1. Rameswaram Rail Route

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5. Kalka - Shimla Route

Mountains on one side and valleys on the other. This is what the perfect train journey looks like.

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And in the colder months, it's a delightful winter wonderland.

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  1. Darjeeling - Himalayan Route

No trip with blossoming green forests as a backdrop can be a great passage.

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  1. Nilgiri - Ooty Route

A background like this can never be unsatisfactory.

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  1. Jammu – Baramulla Route

Trip in this way is made ideal with blue skies and verdant green woodlands.

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  1. Mumbai - Goa Route

If you ever wanted an additional reason to visit Goa, this is it. Skip the journey, you won't be apologetic for it.

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  1. Bangalore – Kanyakumari way

When you are passing through Bangalore–Kanyakumari way, you will enjoy the dreamlike experience.

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  1. Bhubaneshwar – Brahmapur way

With verdant green Malyadri on one side and tranquil Chilka Lake on the other, you will feel just amazing.

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  1. Koraput to Rayagada path

Orrisa has boasts of a lot of exquisiteness to present and trips like this will provide a quick look at its beauty.

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  1. Guwahati - Silchar way

Who wouldn't wish to make the most of the regal gorgeousness of Guwahati-Silchar way from their train window!

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So folks, do have these journeys once in a life time.

by Vijay Singh | Fri, May 04 - 05:44 PM

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