Study : Women have better memory than Men, remember every detail

Men may have engaged in an argument with a woman who tosses in complaints from years ago as a reference to win an argument or oral fight.

And it happens only because women do remember everything in a detailed way. It is the damn memory that is one of their strongest weapons to use during an argument and no one can literally beat that. There has been a popular joke, wherein it was said that a woman’s ‘bindi’ is just a button for recording every conversation ever, which is apparently why they remember things from yesteryears.

Though, a recent study says as to why exactly womankind remembers the tiniest of details or can says details of a detail. A study was conducted by Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, according to which a women can recall events better than men.

Women tend to have better episodic memory than men, which means she is likely to remember what exactly her boyfriend’s ex from 6 years back wore on Valentine’s Day, after stalking her exactly once on Facebook or any other social media platform.

Women remember every detail, that includes - words, texts, objects, locations of objects and movies. Women are also better at remembering faces and recalling sensory memories, for example - smells.

On the other hand, men are good at remembering spatial details - like finding their way home or to their car in a massive parking lot.

So when a woman says this happened, that happened, believe her. She might be right.

by Lokendra Sharma | Tue, Sep 03 - 12:08 PM

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