Stuart Boards requests Third umpire to take four runs off Marnus Labuschagne

In the event that you thought you had seen it all in cricket, this Stuart Broad act will cause you to acknowledge, there is still along these lines, so much left to be seen. A player Stuart Broad was on-the-field and he spoke with the third umpire through stump mic, definitely, you might not have known about such a bizarre thing. Be that as it may, it happened when Broad addressed the third umpire by means of stump mic and requested that he take the four pursues off Marnus Labuschagne his endeavored snare fell off the helmet and not the bat figured the English pacer. His demonstration of talking on the stump mic did not go down well with fans who responded.


On Day 3, the Queenslander continued his innings on 53*, attempting to expand the lead for his nation. Four overs into the day, on the fourth chunk of the 62nd, Labuschagne attempted to snare a Stuart Broad short ball.

The ball, in any case, did not contact the bat but rather hit the helmet and Labuschagne was granted four runs.


The umpire flagged it as a boundary, but replays showed that the ball had in reality fallen off Labuschagne's helmet and not his bat.


Seeing this, Broad with a grin went close to the stump mic and yelled: "Can you take that four runs off please?".

What was all the more fascinating was that the on-field umpire Joel Wilson obliged and proceeded to invert his choice and made it as leg-byes.

In the meantime, England captain Joe Root abandoned his string of poor shows in the progressing Ashes and created a lumpy and unbeaten thump of 72 to keep his group afloat in the third Test against Australia. Joining forces Joe Denly, Root resuscitated the English innings, which at 15/2, was going towards another low total. At the stumps of Day 3, England arrived at 156 and still require 203 to win.


by Lokendra Sharma | Mon, Aug 26 - 01:30 PM

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