Stree Movie Review: Shraddha And Rajkummar’s Jodi Is A Delight To Watch

Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor starrer movie Stree has hit the theatres and it is doing wonders on the box-office. The film is a comedy one with a dash of scariness which is hilarious enough to tickle your funnybones.

The story is not that unique but what makes it more interesting is Rajkummar's terrific acting along with the supporting roles of Aparkshakti Khurrana and Pankaj Tripathi among others.

There lives a likely young man called Vicky (Rao) in the town of Chanderi who is blessed by a keen eye and kind heart. However, he gets lovestruck with every girl he meets and doesn't stop admiring her. When she says come, he follows, casting aside fears of the ‘stree’ who scars the town, hunting lone men. There’s a ‘bhootni’ about, beware.

While Khurrana and other are fooling around with his friend Vicky, one night they confront Stree.

Pankaj Tripathi who plays a gyaani in the movie gives us many reasons to laugh as he is just too good with his role. However, amidst all this, there are some places where the film really wants to undermine these superstitious beliefs, it has to be able to treat these tropes with clear scorn. Stree, in many places, is muddled, not being able to make up its mind whether it wants us to cower or chortle.

However, above all that, Stree is a fun movie to watch. Shraddha Kapoor’s part is a bit risible, but she has some delightful moments with Rajkummar. Also, the camaraderie of Rao, Khurrana and the third guy is truly amazing and we feel they have got that connection which gives us all friendly vibes.

So folks, Stree is good to watch movie with your friends and family as it gives you a good laughter dose with so much of talent in one frame.

The film deserves 3 stars.



by Admin | Fri, Aug 31 - 11:16 AM

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