Half told and baked story created a lot of buzz but here’s the truth behind this picture

A picture that was taken on September 12, 2007, went viral on the internet and it left everyone teary eyed in which a girl is sobbing in the arms of an old lady. Along with the picture, there's a story attached to it and a true one. That girl in the picture went to visit an old age home with the school's trip and there she found her grandmother which she was told by the family that her grandmother was living with some relatives.

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Here's the story which is told by the photojournalist Kalpesh S Bharech which have many twists and turns as the young girl and her granny gave an interview to BBC.

On September 12, 2007, photojournalist Kalpesh S Bharech (Currently working with Divya Bhaskar and is based in Ahmedabad) got a call from the principal of GNC School in Maninagar, Gujarat. The principal requested Kalpesh to cover a school trip to the Manilal Gandhi old age home in Ghodasar. Kalpesh gave a nod to this project and went to the school without knowing that the photograph taken by him would become the talk of the social media. During the field trip in old age home, Kalpesh-the photographer asked children to sit with the elderly so that he can click pictures.

Children stood up and one girl screamed and ran towards an old lady and they both were crying as soon as they hug each other. The little girl was her own grandchild and she is her granny. Kalpesh Bharech shared in an article on BBC Gujarati, "We all became speechless. After taking pictures, when I asked her, Baa [the old lady] said the girl was her granddaughter".

Bharech shared that -- as the story making rounds on social media went -- the girl had said then that her father had told her that her grandmother had gone out, when "reality was that she had gone to an old age home,".

"Seeing the heart-wrenching scene of Baa and her granddaughter, everyone was moved tears like me," Bharech wrote. "In order to cheer everyone up, students started singing beautiful songs to the elders."

This photo story was published on the first page of Gujarati daily Divya Bhaskar the next day.

"It became a topic of debate in almost all of Gujarat. This picture shook the people," wrote Bharech.

The photographer also revealed to the local news channels that the old lady had gone to live in the old age home on her own will.

After years this story went viral on the World Photography Day when BBC Gujarati had asked journalists from across the state to share the best photo stories of their career. And Kalpesh S Bharech shared this story with all his pictures and his heartfelt pictures and story went viral.

Here's the picture take a look at this:


Now here comes a different side of the story when they both gave an interview to a leading daily. Here's the grandmother-daughter truth:


However, this half-told-baked story created a lot of hatred for the family, without knowing that the grandmother went to the old age home willingy. Back then, Bharech also revealed on a TV show that the woman went willingly and she said so herself. She was not forced to leave.

by Soniya Kaur | Thu, Aug 23 - 05:09 PM

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