Stay single and enjoy a long life, says woman celebrating her 107th birthday

We all are thinking on different ways to stay healthy and enjoy a long life. But most of us might not be able to live a long life beyond a particular limit. As we grow older, we tend to succumb to various health and mental issues, which results in our age being cut short. There is a common belief among us that healthy eating, regular exercises and positive thinking are the keys to a long life. But the fact is that, these activities are not at all the key factors behind having a long life.


Recently, the oldest woman in the US was celebrating her 107th birthday and every one was surprised at hearing about the reason for having such a long life. After hearing the reason from her, everyone was hell shocked and there were a lot of people who were willing to take her advice.

The old women named Louise Signore lives in Bronx, New York and on the eve of her 107th birthday, she was asked to share the secret for living such a long time. The biggest advice that the 107 old women from the US gave to everyone was to "Stay Single".


She also said that, apart from being single, one should also follow a healthy diet and regular exercises. She strongly believes that the only reason that she could live for more than a century was because, she never got married. She said that as with any other people, she also does her regular exercise. The 107 old women also said that she loves dancing and still dance a little whenever she gets time. Every day after the lunch she also gets involved in playing bingo. So staying single and happy can really enhance the life span of a person as per this old woman.

by Ricky Tandon | Fri, Aug 02 - 11:21 AM

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