SRK’s heart-breaking interview about sister Shehnaz: She is a much better person than I can ever be

Shah Rukh Khan is a great human being, a loving brother, a caring husband and doting father. He belongs to a very modest family. It is all his hard work and devotion that helped him in becoming the biggest superstar of India.

From the early demise of his parents to his sissy Shehnaz not being capable of bearing the agony of her parents' death, the actor has seen a lot.


Shah Rukh Khan's sister, Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan, always stayed away from the public interest. People are not much aware about her.

However, once, in a media talk, SRK talked on his sister's physical condition.

SRK had stated, "She didn't cry, she didn't say anything, she just fell and hit her head on the ground. And two years after that, she didn't cry, she didn't speak, she just kept looking in space. It just changed her world, now she's better but she has got some deficiencies."


Inquiring further into the matter, Khan disclosed that during the making of hid flick Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, his sister again got admitted to the hospital and the medical experts said that she will not survive.

The actor took his sister to Switzerland for treatment there while he was shooting for his song Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam. However she hasn't ever recuperated from the loss of her dad and it got compounded as his mother also died 10 years later.

While discussing on what type of person she is, a great and loving brother said that her sissy was highly qualified as she has done MA LLB.


He said she was very brainy like his parents wished her to be. However, she couldn't confront the truth of losing her mom and dad.

“And I somehow developed the sense of detachment, the sense of false bravado which I show in public, a sense of humour and a lot of things which people think is flamboyant and Bollywood-like, to cover up the sadness affecting my life and me becoming like my sister. I love my sister for how she is. She is a much better person than I can ever be. I think she is the child of God, very naive and innocent. My kids love them more than they love me and my wife. But I don't have the guts to be so simple, so hurt and so disturbed," he also said.

by Ricky Tandon | Mon, Aug 26 - 01:17 PM

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