Sreesanth undegoes a wonderful Transformation, Tweeps wonder if Bhajji will play with him Ever again

If you will see Sreesanth at this time, well you would find it hard to recognize the man.

Sree has changed a lot by working too hard at the fitness center. Now he boasts of a beast-like build for his forthcoming Kannada movie Kempegowda 2.

The picture of his conversion turned viral all over the web and the buffs mad their minds to troll Harbhajan Singh.

Remember Bhajji had slapped him hard during the 2008 IPL when the two had an argument.

While both Bhajji and Sreesanth have put the episode behind them, it remains one of the hottest times in their professions.

Here's what the buffs had to say -

Once upon a time, Sreesanth was a very renowned and a really brilliant cricket player in the Indian squad. After a series of ill-fated episodes, where he was charged of taking part in spot-fixing, he was expelled from the group.

He was the top Indian wicket-taker during the initial version of the IPL.

"I am (now) not a huge fan of IPL in particular but love to follow the Test matches. I love to watch club matches," stated Sreesanth.

"I have not been following IPL matches and don't wish to watch all matches. I have lost interest and if time permits, will watch matches only involving my state players. Basically, I love to see my Kerala state cricketers doing well in the matches."

He, however, emphasised, "The ban slapped on me by the Indian cricket board is not the reason for losing interest in the IPL. Yes, I am sad but now we have to move on. They (the BCCI officials) are busy in their own and I am busy in my own work. I am being banned to practice at the international grounds controlled by the BCCI, but I practice at my own ground and I am happy with it."

by Vijay Singh | Sat, Jul 07 - 12:46 PM

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