Spanish School Teaches Domestic Chores to Boys during Economic Class Promoting Equality

In the current trend, girls are not at all less than boys in any field. In different places, girls are just intended to carry out household chores while boys or men earn money for survival. This Spanish school has planned to keep a check to the gender gap. One of the colleges in Spain has commenced a mandatory subject namely 'Home Economics' for the students especially boys.

In this subject, the students will be able to learn how to cook iron, clean, wash clothes and keep everything clean in a house. The name of this institute is Colegia Montecastelo situated in Vigo. It's a town located near North Western Spain. Apart from the teaching staff, the real fathers of the students have participated in it as the volunteers.

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In every house, women play a vital role in fulfilling the crucial household works. Parents need to tell their children how to carry out the domestic works in a house without showing any sort of partiality on boys. Boys need to learn everything just like girls which helps in building a better society. This is the fundamental goal of college.

This idea initially emerged in this school and they taught the students how to cook. Later, they started adding more chores into it like washing, ironing and keeping the house neat and clean. Most of the students from the college came to know that they were actually capable of doing all those things on their own without depending on their mothers or future wives.

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The college administration said, 'When we talk about cooking to school children this is seen to be quite normal, but regarding the other housework chores, some people were not very convinced.' However, there are several institutions across the country that have commenced following the same syllabus in their college.

Soon after initiating this class, the school authorities have witnessed an overwhelming and positive response from the students and the parents. Once the children started learning the household chores in the school, their parents witnessed an immense change in their kids as they placed equal contribution in all domestic chores. We expect this sort of change to happen all over the world for a bright society.

by Neetu Panwar | Wed, Apr 10 - 03:24 PM

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