The soup at Wattana Panich has been cooking in the same broth for 45 years

Food and Drinks have been loved by people all over the world by people. It is being said that Fine wine tastes good as it gets better with time. However, this time forget about fine wine as this time it is a soup that has been becoming better with age. Can’t believe? Read out the whole story below:

In Bangkok, there is a restaurant run by a family which is famous because the have been serving soup with same broth from last 45 years. As per the reports by the Great Big story, Wattana Panich in Bangkok preserves broth left over at the end of the day and uses it in next day's soup. The big pot of soup from 45 years has been simmering away in the same broth. Although, Fresh meat, meatballs, tripe and other organs are added to the soup on the daily basis.

For 45 years, the broth of our soup has never been thrown away after a day's cooking," says Nattapong Kaweenuntawong, who tends to the noodle soup, called neua tune, with his mother and wife, according to the New York Post. "The broth has been preserved and cooked for 45 years," he says.

He adds that the ancient cooking method gives the soup a unique taste and aroma.

Now the soup has become popular all around the world and there have been many posts on social media which praises it. Meatballs, tripe or other internal organs and rice noodles are some of the specialties.

Kaweenuntawong adds that the 45-year-old broth has “a unique flavor and aroma” thanks to his unconventional cooking method. “We have kept the broth overnight, and then used it to cook the next day’s soup,” he says.

“I am the third generation, and we have three children,” Kaweenuntawong Says. “I hope there will be the fourth generation to run the business.”

by Mamatha Reddy | Wed, Jul 31 - 03:17 PM

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