Some vital things you need before trying to consume more water

Wellness professional Dr. Kevin Kinney told, "Water is not only one of the primary constituents of the planet, but also an integral part of our human bodies.”

Around 85 per cent of human body has water, and out of that, muscular tissues have 80% water and the brain carries around 75% water.

Here are a few vital things — as told by the professionals — to bear in mind about lifting up your water consumption.

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Try to evade making your water "taste better."

As per Dr. Kinney that you must try to evade turning your water "taste better.”

"Make sure you are drinking more water not more artificial sweeteners and flavors," he said. "Many times people attempt to make water 'taste better' by adding products that contain harmful substances. Because your body is made up of 70% water, it is important that you replenish this supply with clean and pure sources."

If you're seeking extra flavor, fresh fruit and veggies are your superlative bet.

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Dr. Kinney stated, "It is OK to add fresh fruit or vegetables to your water if you want to give it some flavor. The most common added are cucumbers, citrus fruits and melons. Infusing fruit into your water can increase your metabolism, flush toxins and help your body naturally release fat cells."

Some varieties of water are healthier for you than others.

 Dr. Kinney stated that some types of water are healthier for you as compared to other ones.

Avoid having water from plastic bottles.

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Dr. Tania Elliott— health/medicinal professional and CMO of EHE stated, "Try to avoid plastic water bottles. Not only is it bad for the environment, but the water isn't necessarily purified and the plastic can release a chemical called BPA that can harm our bodies. Even BPA free bottles can have chemicals we don't want."

Having eight ounce of water daily is just the minimum quantity you must be consuming.

Dr. David Greuner of NYC Surgical Associates stated, “This is better viewed as a minimum, and intake should be increased or maintained based on personal lifestyle.”

You'll be more regular.

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As per Regional Wellness Director at FLIK Hospitality Group, Allison Knott, MS, RDN, CSSD, “Drinking more water can help to prevent constipation. Staying adequately hydrated helps to move food through the digestive tract. This is especially important if you're simultaneously aiming to increase your fiber intake."

You'll likely mend in your exercise routine and trainings.

Additional water will assist you refill what you've lost after an exercise session.

Knott said, "Even mild dehydration, as low as 1%, can impact sports performance. So, drinking more water might improve your gym performance. Staying adequately hydrated helps to maintain blood volume which aids in oxygen transport, maintenance of body temperature, and electrolyte balance.”

by Vijay Singh | Wed, Jun 27 - 04:07 PM

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