Some Unbelievable Facts About Cruz del Islote, The Most Crowded And Suffocating Islands

Santa Cruz del Islote is situated off the shoreline of Columbia and also one of the most jam-packed places in the world. Here are some amazing facts about one of the most jam-packed and suffocating Caribbean islands i.e. Santa Cruz del Islote.

  1. It is an artificial island.

Santa Cruz del Islote first came into existence when some Columbian fishers during the 19th century wished to take rest plus stay in the midst of the waters with the intention that they could fish for a longer time.

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  1. 12,000 people residing n 0.012 sq km of terrestrial.

Around 1,200 individuals residing together and the area of the Santa Cruz Island is too small. It is also one of the most thickly populated islands on the globe.

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  1. The absence of mosquitoes made the early settlers fall in love with the island.

One of the reasons that the fishermen fell in love with the island and decided to settle on it more than a hundred and fifty years ago was that it had no mosquitoes and thus they had a very sound sleep on the island.

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  1. Island lacks a medical consultant, graveyard and power.

Island lacks a medical consultant, graveyard and power. Whenever somebody dies here, the dead body is taken out of the aisle and gets buried in a different close by island.

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  1. No drinking water for the people.

Though encircled by water from all sides, residents here need to make struggle over drinking water on a daily basis. They obtain fresh water only when the Columbian fleet reaches the island after every three weeks.

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  1. No history of wrongdoing.

In spite of the shortage of facilities and being deprived, the dwellers enjoy a very serene and quiet life. The people live with love and there was never a case of fierceness or fight and the Islanders are not wary of wrongdoing.

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  1. Tourism and fishing are the main occupations.

Owing to the shortage of work chances, the majority of Islanders want to go away to discover better employment in another close by islands or mainland. Tourism and fishing are the major sources of earnings here.

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  1. The youths want to get out of the island.

Approximately 65 per cent of the locals on the island are youngsters. And unlike their forerunners, several youngsters wish to leave the island for healthier career chances, top-notch facilities, and way of lives.

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So, did you know about this island?

by Vijay Singh | Mon, Jun 18 - 04:05 PM

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