9 Thoughts That Hit The Unmarried Girl’s Head At Every Family Function

It is very hard to keep yourself away from the sea of aunties and uncles who come to enjoy the party. Whenever you meet or see them, you have to face a new question.

That dreaded family bash where your complete khandan asks you the same questions and you’re confronting them by one way or the other.

Alright, now starts the hardest portion. Hoards of uncles, aunties, worried family members, and your wedded older cousins who just wish to notice you burn in hell. All this to stay away from the god-forsaken query: “Beta, tum shaadi kab karoge?”

Unless you’re one of those girls who just absolutely cannot wait for her fairytale wedding, these are the notions that will hit your head at one point or the other, all through the period of the torment fest:

1- Game plan: to get invisible with the crowd to stay away from all relatives.

2- She wants to conceal herself from not-so-favourite aunt’s tough and hard gaze behind the dessert counter.

3- She wants to smile, wave and feel comfy just like an independent girl but not like a sweet innocent little girl like she was a lifetime ago.

4- Want to save herself from these comments, “You’re next! We’ll find you a nice good looking NRI guy and get you married off within the year, alright?”

5- She does not want to give fake smiles that get practically plastered on her face at that time.

6- She wants to give the exact answer to the questions like “shaadi kab karoge”.

7- When boys started starring at her, she needs Moms help who’s all the way on the other side of the room.


8- Just wish to stay away from the circle of predators who want to trap you!


9- When she needs a drink. She feels like an injured war veteran and you retreat to protection, to take care of your injuries.


Can you relate girls?

by Vijay Singh | Tue, Jun 12 - 05:21 PM

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