Sofia Hayat replies to the man who asked her ‘Rates for 1 night’

Reality show contestant Sofia Hayat is another actress who is always in news for controversies. She got media coverage for her relationship with husband Vlad Stanescu with whom she finally got separated. But Sofia is once again in news due to a social media user.

An Instagram user sent her some nasty messages asking her rate for one night. Having asked such question on a public platform Sofia couldn't ignore it. She slammed the troll in her own way. She posted the whole conversation with the person trolling her on Instagram and wrote: "And he asks so politely.."

She gave a witty reply to the troll and also said "your mind needs cleaning. Ramadan means nothing to you".

Sofia Hayat is currently spending some peaceful time with nature and animals these days. She had a disastrous time with husband Vlad Stanescu who used to steal and sell her belongings. They finally got divorced after a year of their marriage. The couple got engaged within a week of dating on 1st of March 2017. On 24 April 2017 Sofia got married to Vlad who is an interior designer, in a private ceremony in London. The former Bigg Boss contestant has also made an appeal to the Indian judiciary for not letting Armaan Kohli run away who is accused of mistreating his girlfriend. She also shared a video and asked the viewers to show the troll how women should be treated. She wrote, "Help show the idiots how shameful they are."

Sofia is always known for her controversies that are also said to be 'publicity stunts'. But trolling on social media is no doubt becoming a serious issue these days. Many B-town celebs are unhappy with the poor management of content on social media. Farhan Akhtar, Shilpa Shetty, Akshay Kumar, Shilpa Shetty and many more actors are in the list of being targeted by the trolls.

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