Smriti Irani Lends A Shoulder To Surendra Singh’s Mortal Remains And It Is A Big Step For Women Empowerment

A picture can tell a different stories and the one you will see in this story will indeed talk to you. The picture is powerful enough to write down some new rules for women living in the society and give a new definition to women empowerment.

Smriti Irani who recently won the election from the Amethi constituency, flew back to the place after one of her close people, who helped her become victorious in the elections was shot dead. Irani was devastated and decided to attend the funeral and also lended a shoulder to his mortal remains, which is something that women have been asked not to do in the country.

In India, women do not attend funerals. Nobody has ever objected the sexism that women face while attending funerals. We have accepted it as a tradition. The women do not even have the chance to attend the last recites of their loved ones.

Even daughters cannot attend the funeral of their mothers, and it has been sad to see. We are proud that Smriti has smashed all the norms and has given a glimpse to the women fighting for equality and challenging the old unusual traditional norms.

This is something that we can urge from women who are in power to do. We need women to ask the questions and challenge the norms that are against them. And seeing a female political leader doing something like this is a thing of pride.

Now, many of you may disagree with what she did or the party she belongs to but her act has indeed written a new chapter in women’s history.


by Lokendra Sharma | Mon, May 27 - 03:11 PM

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