Small Screen Actress Chhavi Mittal Enters 10th Month of Pregnancy; Writes a long post

Actress Chhavi Mittal is in the best phase of her life once again.  The actress is carrying and is 10 months pregnant.  The due date is at the corner and she is having a great time being in this phase mostly for the last time.  The Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann actress can announce the good news anytime soon in the near future.  Chhavi married to director Mohit Hussein in 2005 and they gave birth to a baby girl 7 years later and for the second time they re getting ready to embrace the parenthood.

Chhavi Mittal has been pretty active on social media all throughout her pregnancy period sharing pictures and posts regarding her pregnancy experience, her feelings, her diet and whatnot, everything an expecting woman has in her mind.  We are sure, Chhavi's tips over her pregnancy period would help the expecting ladies as a professional guide.

She has been updating her fans and followers about her pregnancy and the recent post says that she entered her 10th month of pregnancy.  Yes!  Chhavi has entered her last month of pregnancy and she has a post to share.  She shared a long post in which she write only baby knowns when it will pop out.

Chhavi Mittal says the baby may pop any day

Talking about the due date, she wrote, "The due date is always ESTIMATED because nobody can predict when the baby arrives. It is extremely common and absolutely normal for women to reach 42 weeks before natural labour begins.. especially if it's the second pregnancy... and once you cross 38/39 weeks, your 10th month begins. So, while my clock ticks, I could go into labour right this minute, or another week later... I'm not worried. On the contrary, I'm rather relaxed.

A few days ago, she wrote another post that read,“Yesterday, a new episode of SIT released on YouTube, which is about nesting. After I watched the episode on the edit, my first reaction (like any other ordinary woman) was, "Gosh I look big!" And sure enough, for all those asking me this question, YES GUYS, I'M READY TO POP ANY DAY! Officially entering the 40th week today."

by Neetu Panwar | Fri, May 03 - 04:31 PM

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