Singapore Education minister proposes idea of stopping ranking system in exams

The aim behind education is always pure learning and no pressure, competition or anything negative that ruins or bother student life. With advancements nowadays, there has been initiative and steps taken for the betterment of education process. The education minister in every country is doing their best to lower the pressure and making the education a fun learning process.

Meanwhile, The great move is taken by the Education minister of Singapore Ong Ye Kung who has introduced the idea of stopping the ranking in examination. It clearly means that there is no need to anybody know who stood first, second, last or any other position. As the new report card will not reveal rank , but the new report card format will reflect a lot of other things like:

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The purpose behind the great move is to shift the focus of students from competition to learning. As there is no point in comparing yourself with anybody else. In the country from now there be no conduction of Primary 1 and 2 examinations in the country and the assessment forms will not be counted in overall grade.

The education Minister Mr. Ong while addressing to some 1,700 school leaders said,  "I know that 'coming in first or second', in class or level, has traditionally been a proud recognition of a student's achievement. But removing these indicators is for a good reason, so that the child understands from young that learning is not a competition, but a self-discipline they need to master for life.

"Notwithstanding, the report book should still contain some form of yardstick and information to allow students to judge their relative performance, and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses."

Isn’t it a good and happy news for the students of Singapore and the great initiate taken by the education minister as well. Hope, just like Singapore other countries also implement it and eradicate the whole ranking format.

by Neetu Panwar | Mon, Jun 03 - 02:48 PM

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