Shweta Tiwari Candidly Speaks About Her Broken Marriages and Daughter Palak Seeing Her Getting Beaten

When it comes to love, not everyone is lucky enough to find it. While some love stories last a lifetime, others succumb to the wrath of time and other issues. When heartbreak happens, many look for the silver lining and take the lessons. The process of moving on isn’t easy as it involves a lot of acceptance of why the romance fizzled out. Recently, actress Shweta Tiwari opened up about her tough personal life which involve her broken marriages.

No matter how strong Shweta might come off, she has had her share of down times as well. The Kasautii Zindagi Kay actress was earlier married to Raja Chaudhary. The two got married in 1998 and even welcomed a baby girl, Palak. However, Shweta decided to take a legal route to separate from Raja. It is allegedly believed that the actress became a victim of domestic cruelty which led to the drift and they eventually parted ways in 2012.

Despite her first failed marriage, Shweta Tiwari decided to give love another try. In 2013, she once again got married to Abhinav Kohli and even welcomed a son, Reyansh. Reportedly, Shweta and Abhinav’s marriage faced trouble and they separated.

While speaking about her two failed marriages, Shweta spilled the beans on the impact it has had on her two children. She said that her kids have been in mess because of the wrong men in her life.

The reports state that both of Shweta’s kids have a habit of hiding their pain. They never show her that they are sad. In fact, the actress doesn’t understand how her children are happy when so much is going on around them.

This behaviour of her kids makes Shweta wonder if they are trying to hide something from her. Furthermore, the 40-year-old added that at times she thinks of taking them to a counsellor and find out the truth.

Shweta even made a shocking revelation of her daughter Palak seeing her getting beaten up. Speaking of it, the mother of two said, “She (Palak) has seen everything when she was just 6 years old and I had decided to take this step. Palak has seen all that trauma, police coming to the house, her mom going to the police. My son, he is just 4 years old and he knows about police, judges and it is not just because of me.”

The actress also added that she never asks her kids to never meet their fathers or never talk to them. However, they don’t and she doesn’t know why. Shweta feels that her kids are scared of whatever has happened.

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