Pune Man With World’s Longest Fingernails Cuts Them After 66 Years

You may find this weird or may be inconvenient after watching the pictures but believe it or not, a man hasn't cut his fingernails for a really long time on a single hand and now he has made a record when he cut the nails after 66 years.

His name is Shridhar Chillal 82-year-old from Pune and he owns the longest fingernails. The nails are cut at Ripley's Believe It or Not! in Times Square, New York, US. He had been growing his nails since 1952, when he was 14, after being told off by a teacher for accidentally breaking his long nail. His nails measured a length of 909.6 cm (29 ft 10.1 in), about the same length as a London bus.

Shridhar Chillal holds the record of having Longest Fingernails Single Hand Guinness world records. Have a look at his every single fingernail's length:

Little finger: 179.1 cm

Ring finger: 181.6 cm

Middle finger : 186.6 cm

Index finger : 164.5 cm

Thumb: 197.8 cm

When asked by Guinness World Records in 2015 how his nails affect his life, Shridhar said they were extremely fragile and he needed to take care when sleeping. He said, "I can’t move much, so every half an hour or so I wake up and move my hand to the other side of the bed."

His parents are against his act of growing nails to this length and he said he would be able to work with only one hand and eventually he becomes a photographer with a customised handle to put his nails when using the camera. Due to growing his nails for years, their weight left his hand permanently handicapped.

He further said, "I am in pain. With every heartbeat, all five fingers, my wrist, elbow and shoulder are hurting a lot and at the tip of the nail there's a burning sensation always."

Shridhar's nails will now be displayed at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in Times Square.

Well, congratulation Shridhar Chillal.

by Soniya Kaur | Thu, Jul 12 - 02:33 PM

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