Shilpa Shinde comes forward for the rescue of Mika Singh; says, yeh sab dadagiri hai

Shilpa Shinde, the Bigg Boss 11 winner, had earlier deleted her Twitter account at the beginning of the year so as to stay away from negativity.

This really brought a great amount of shock to her fans and they were very much disappointed.

She later said that she will never return back to Twitter till the end of her life.

But, this has not prevented the actress from expressing her opinions to the public.


In the latest video clip, Shilpa Shinde was seen supporting Mika Singh over the recently faced controversy and the video is indeed going viral.

The actress said, "No one has the right to ban you and FWICE should concentrate on stopping exploitation on their workers rather than banning you. There are people sitting in our country to sort the issues. So you don't need to be afraid of such people. I will work with you and and many other actors will work with you. Kindly don't give importance to this word ban. FWICE has no right to ban an artiste it's not a high court or Supreme Court to make such decisions. B N Tiwari has done nothing for his own federation so who is he to take up the decision. Let's all get united against such people. There are hair dressers who are asked to sleep with production managers and later pay the commission to them. So yeh sab dadagiri hai aur kuch nahi.”

The video was not shared by Shilpa. It got uploaded by one of her fans. In the video, the actress can be seen saying that no one has the right to ban Mika and the FWICE should first try to focus more on stopping the exploitation of their workers rather than imposing bans on artist like Mika Singh.

She also said that there are people who are present in the country to sort the issues.

She also said that she is ready to work with Mika Singh and many others will also join the line. Shilpa asked Mika not to give too much importance to the word ban.


As per Shinde, FWICE does not have any right to ban an artist and they are not any king of high court or Supreme Court to come upon such decisions.

Shilpa Shinde also stated that B N Tiwari has not done anything significant for the federation and he does not have any right to take such decisions.

She urged everyone to unite against such people. She also said that there are production managers who ask the hair dressers to sl..p with them and later pay the commission.

Mika Singh was recently banned by the federation after he was seen performing at a wedding in Karachi.

by Ricky Tandon | Sat, Aug 24 - 02:42 PM

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