5 Actresses from South Indian Film Industry got involved in a racket

Recently, there were shocking reports about well-known Tamil actress Sangeetha Balan was involved in flesh trade and was subsequently detained by the Chennai police force.

Now, it has been proven that she is not the only biggie the south Indian film industry who has her involvement in a prostitution racket.

Kishan Modugumudi, a renowned Telugu movie maker, has also been involved in a high profile prostitution racket running in the US zone. His companion Chandra was also found guilty as she was also the part of this callous act.

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The two entice Tollywood beauties to become part of the events and working projects in States and after that, lured them to join prostitution.

As per recent reports, around 5 actresses from the south Indian film industry were detected to be involved in this sex row.

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A few of them had no work but had gigantic sums in their respective bank accounts. This created doubts amongst police officials and they started their inspection. Lastly, they were found involved in prostitution. The police officials will carry out a complete investigation.

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As per reports, the two beauties from the film industry had disclosed shocking facts regarding this pair. One of them was Sri Reddy, who has prompted a huge debate on the occurrence of casting couch in the south Indian film industry after stripping on road in a demonstration.

Sri Reddy stated that Kishan Modugumudi and Chandra’s manager from the city of Hyderabad met her. Chandra’s manager had also informed her that she will get paid as per her fame and all her travel and other needs will get fulfilled.

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South Indian film actress Anasuya also revealed some inside information about the racket.

Anasuya stated, “It has been a long time that I had been to the US. I went there in 2014 along with musician Devi Prasad to participate in a musical event. In 2016, Sriraj called me from an American number and asked me if I can come to the US to participate in a Telugu association event. I got very uncomfortable with the way he was talking. I refused to participate in the event but despite my refusal, he used my pictures in the event’s poster.”

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It is vital to take a look that the accused Tollywood filmmaker Kishan charged around Rs 2 lakh from each of his clients.

by Vijay Singh | Thu, Jun 21 - 01:56 PM

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