A Man Named Muniraju Uses Sewage Water To Grow Mulberry For Silk

A lot of problems comes in the way of Farmers in India due to the water crisis. Even it is said that people suffered from a variety of diseases which is caused by eating those edibles which are grown with toxic or sewage water. India uses the groundwater in a large quantity and when compared India extract more than the USA and China combined. With the population of over 1,342,512,706 people, every country is facing the same problem of water and in the rural Bangalore, water supplies are so less, the farmers use sewage water to grow vegetables.

With this, it is not healthy to grow vegetable with the sewage or toxic water supply, so a farmer named Muniraju decided to grow mulberry which he now sells to make silk.

During the rainy season, he gets some water through the sewage line which he diverted to his land so that water can be given to the plants. But as said by professionals this practice is risky for the lives of many and damage the inner organs if ingested.

He also quoted as saying that he used to work on someone else's land for 5 years when he ran out of the water but before that he himself has a land where he grew vegetables but as his borewell ran dry he diverted to urban wastewater on to his land so that Mulberry can be grown which is not at all risky to anyone's life. Muniraju came up with a very beneficial idea and now he is earning easily for his livelihood.

Now he is spreading the same information to other farmers also. Mulberry can be grown with sewage water and once the field is harvested they are sold in the market and later fed the leaves to the silkworm which produce Cacoons for the production of silk. From this silk, Kanjiwaram Sarees are being made.

Simply from turning to nonedible from edible, Muniraju has inspired thousands of farmers and showed how the city's wastewater treated or untreated can be used in many ways.

by Soniya Kaur | Wed, Sep 05 - 10:44 AM

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