Serena Williams Wanted To Have Italian Dinner So Her Husband Took Her Specially To Venice

Legendary tennis player Serena Williams does not need any introduction. The tennis star has numerous records to her name has always inspired millions around the globe to never give up. In a recent Wimbledon match, she lost against Angelique Kerber but won hearts with her words.

Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit and husband to tennis player Serena Williams was in her support throughout the match.

He has been full of support for Serena who has returned to court just nine months after giving birth, and almost losing her life, and more so, reached the final of a grand slam at Wimbledon. She may not have emerged on the winning side of things, but Ohanian was extremely proud of her achievement as he declared on social media.

Serena's husband took her to Venice because she wanted to have Italian. One wonders if life or fiction or just a replica of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode where Peter flies Monica to Italy for a date.

Williams stated she wanted Italian for dinner, so — they flew off to Venice for a delicious meal and wine while sightseeing along the sleepy canals of the city. "She wanted Italian for dinner, so…" Ohanian captured a slideshow on social media service Instagram.

In the pictures, the Ohanian is spotted grinning at Williams as she drinks a glass of wine. He also shared a photo of their gondola ride. A quick trip for the couple ended on Monday. "Venezia made a great first impression on the family. We’ll certainly be back," Ohanian said in a separate post. "But there’s work to be done…"

He followed up the photos from Italy with one from Art Museum steps in Philadelphia. "You already know. Out here making the most of the jet-lag this am with a run up these iconic steps," he added.

Williams, meanwhile, thanked the property that they had stayed at during their getaway. "Loving family time in beautiful Italy. What an insane room I stayed in. I got to look at stars from my bed at night!! This week has been a dream!" the tennis player wrote.

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