Self Flying Umbrella Named Dronebrella Is All You Need This Monsoon Season

It’s a monsoon season in India and maybe in various other countries. Well, but it’s a total different case in India as we all know how hard it is to travel during heavy rains. Clogged roads, potholes, muddy water, plus heavy rains accompanied by winds. It totally becomes useless travelling in such pathetic conditions. You just can’t walk with one umbrella in a hand and carrying bag or purse.

However, it’s a different case in other countries as they always take safety precautions before the monsoon season starts to avoid any problems to the citizens.

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Well, here’s a latest invention which can be very useful for the people as gone are those days when you will have to hold those heavy umbrellas in rains and walk.

A company in Japan is taking drone ownership to some level with the development of an autonomous umbrella. The specialty of this umbrella is that it follows the user's head. No, we are not kidding!

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This umbrella uses a camera and an artificial intelligence that helps in tracking and following the user as they walk down the street. It will fly from a distance and follow you like a drone. It helps a person commute hands-free (or while holding a cell phone) and is useful in both rain and sun.

The technology is already in use with some autonomous drones, but Asahi Power Services hopes to adapt it for self-flying umbrellas.

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All the modes can be easily set in the application.

This wonderful creation came from Magician Moulla and augmented magic. The idea is to AR themes within the area of optical illusions.

You will surely have a happy monsoon as you walk away with these special umbrellas.

So folks, would like to have this umbrella to beat the monsoon in the coolest way? Tell us in comments.

by Vijay Singh | Sun, Aug 05 - 11:52 AM

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