Sea lion falls into mouth of whale; Epic pic making rounds on internet

A rare photograph of a sea lion has been by a wildlife photographer, wherein it is accidentally falling into the mouth of a humpback whale at Monterey Bay, California. The photographer, Chase Dekker has captured the stunning shot during a whale-watching boat trip off the coast of Monterey Bay last week, says the report.


According to the report, Dekker said - "I get to see a lot of crazy stuff but never this". On Instagram, the 27-year-old photographer shared the picture and gave a long caption to the "never seen before" shot that he managed to capture on the trip.

Dekker,while writing the caption, mentioned that the sea lion came in the way while the humpback whales were lunge feeding on a school of anchovies. It failed to escape on time and accidently fell inside the mouth of whale.


The master shot of Chase Dekker has garnered thousands of likes after being made available on the internet. A fan said - "That must be the wildlife picture of the year", while another said - "Once in a life time shot right there for sure". Several peoples have called it an epic shot.

However, Chase Dekker said that the whale didn't close its jaws on the sea lion and hence, it managed to swim away thereafter.


As per a report, he said - "The whale never actually closed its jaws around the sea lion, so it shouldn't have been harmed. Very scared, I'm sure, but not harmed". The photographer is more than 100% confident that the sea lion swam away after the episode which happened to it.

by Lokendra Sharma | Thu, Aug 01 - 03:36 PM

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