SBI has crucial announcement for online banking customers on fixed deposits and frauds

State Bank of India (SBI) has handed out a crucial note to the consumers. This announcement has been granted regarding fixed deposits. SBI has inquired its customers to be careful of fraudsters. It has said that the fraudsters are attempting to obtain the details of personal banking from the customers on the pretext of creating online fixed deposit (FD) from the customers by calling themselves SBI employees.


In a post shared on Twitter, the nation’s biggest public sector bank is instructing customers to not fall for such deceptions. In the tweet, SBI says that it has come across recent reports where cybercriminals have reportedly developed online fixed deposits in customers' accounts in a try to carry out social engineering frauds.

"We urge our customers not to share their banking details with anyone. Don't fall for scammers impersonating as SBI, we never ask for personal details like Password/OTP/CVV/Card Number over the phone'', SBI wrote in the tweet.

Bank-related cyber crimes have boosted in the past few years. Pursuing easy safety tips and taking precautionary measures can avoid one to be a victim of these online frauds. Always remember that the bank or its employees will never ask for passwords, CVV, card numbers and OTPs.

Also, do not go for online proposals promising gifts or reward money. There is no simple and safe way on the planet to achieve money overnight. Be knowledgeable when visiting an ATM to transact. Take a quick scan of the place and assure there are no objects like skimmers or hidden cameras. When putting in a card PIN, make sure you coat it with your palm.

Nonetheless, if bank customers take care of some simple security tips, they can avert this type of online fraud. We hope with these measures, safe banking will be the future.

by Riya Sharma | Thu, Apr 08 - 11:33 AM

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