Sameera Reddy can’t believe she crossed 102 kg after pregnancy, Planning to get in shape soon

A plunge into parenthood accompanies its high points and low points. On-screen character Sameera Reddy, who is expecting her second child soon, says her first pregnancy left her inclination conflicted between the truth and the strain to depict a "stunning life" as a big name. Sameera, whose last extra large screen trip was in 2012 with the film Tezz, wedded representative Akshai Varde in 2014. She conveyed her initially conceived, a child in 2015. "I got pregnant in only several months after my marriage. The approach was to have the pregnancy and ricochet back and getting in the spotlight once more.

"It was the bad scenario what I could've envisioned as far as my body and the manner in which I self-destructed as an individual on the grounds that the pregnancy was extremely intense for me," Sameera told IANS over the telephone from Mumbai. Simply a month ago, Sameera gave trolls a befitting answer saying that everybody can't resemble entertainer Kareena Kapoor Khan, who came back to her svelte figure post-pregnancy in a matter of seconds.

Describing the experience of her first pregnancy, she stated: "I had placenta previa, which had me on bed rest for just about four to five months after the pregnancy. I just began putting on weight and falling into some sort of spot in my mind since it went from shows, grant capacities and a breathtaking way of life to simply not having the capacity to deal with what pregnancy was doing to me."

In the wake of conveying her child, Sameera said she contacted 102 kg. "From being that 'attractive Sam', I went to this. I put on 32 kg up to and couldn't perceive myself. I was finished chaos," included the entertainer, who has highlighted in movies like "Race", "No Entry" and "Taxi Number 9211".

The majority of this joined drove her to have an emergency. I got help as far as treatment and comprehended that I was lost and confounded as an individual... What I was as an on-screen character and where I am today as a mother and a spouse."

by Lokendra Sharma | Sat, Apr 27 - 12:44 PM

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