Salt and roti in mid-day meal case: Reporter’s role appeared to be suspicious: Mirzapur DM Anurag Patel

A day after filing a case against a reporter for showcasing the deprived class of the mid-day meal at a primary school in Mirzapur, the district management justified its action stating that the journalist’s act had appeared doubtful as he had created a video of the episode in spite of working for a print daily.

While talking to media people, Mirzapur District Magistrate Anurag Patel stated that the journalist Pawan Jaiswal had visited the primary school to make a video recording and shared it on the web as part of a “plan.”

Mr. Anurag stated, “There is a different way to make news. You are a print media journalist, you could have taken photos. You could have printed whatever you found wrong, but he did not do so. That is why his role appeared to be suspicious.”

Days after he shot kids having roti and salt in their mid-day meal, the reporter was booked by police officials for making attempts to insult the administration as part of a “plan”.


The FIR got filed following the complaint of Prem Shankar Ram, Block Education Officer, Mirzapur.

Together with the copyist, the police officials also filed a case against Raj Kumar Pal, a representative of the village pradhan, who informed the reporter regarding the low-grade quality of food stuffs at the primary school.

Huge public backing came in for the copyist with the Editors Guild Of India and the Uttar Pradesh Accredited Journalists Association asking for instant removal of the said case in contradiction of Mr. Jaiswal for performing his duty.

“It is a clear and classic case of shooting the messenger. It is shocking that instead of taking action to fix what is wrong on the ground, the government has filed cases against the journalist,” the EGI stated.


Mr. Jaiswal acknowledged the public backing he got and made a demand that the “untrue” claims against him be withdrawn instantly.

Mr. Jaiswal stated, “I did not do any wrong act.”

Minister of State for Basic Education Satish Dwivedi gave an imprecise response when media people asked him regarding the case lodged against the reporter.

“No action should be taken against [someone] for bringing to light corruption or any fact,” he said.

But, he added, “It is a matter of the police department.” So he would look for a report from the SP prior to taking any decision.

Whilst the reporter had been booked on the severe charge, ironically in the same FIR, the government stated that only roti and salt got prepared for the kids at the school till noon on August 22, when the journalist came and shot the incidence.

However it charged Mr. Jaiswal and Mr. Pal of hatching up a plot to insult the mid-day meal system and hurt the State administration.

In place of making arrangements for the veggies, Mr. Pal called Mr. Jaiswal and asked to create a video recording.

The administration stated that Mr. Jaiswal not only made the video recording but also forwarded it to agency


by Ricky Tandon | Thu, Sep 05 - 01:02 PM

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