Salman Khan says he just hates some people, but doesn’t have any enemies

Salman Khan is currently in news for his upcoming action thriller Race 3. The actor who is also co-producing this movie has turned into a lyricist for a song 'Selfish'. The movie is all set to release on 15th of June this Eid with an epic star cast. In a media interaction, the superstar shared some interesting facts that fans would really find interesting.

When asked about Salman racing against himself he said, "The only person you should ever race against is yourself. When you do that, you take your own level up. I’ve always believed that instead of putting someone’s level down, one should continuously attempt to raise that of your own. You are encouraged by watching your seniors to rise to their standard, while the juniors motivate you to raise the bar, so the table doesn’t drop."

The actor also gives credits to his family for his upbringing. He said in life sometimes listening is important than winning an argument. Having spent his childhood days in Indore Salman calls himself a grassroots man. "All through my growing up years, for a few months each year, I've seen the metros as well as rural areas."

The actor, when asked about his competitors, said, "Salman Khan is worried about Salman Khan every single day. I'm not the most politically correct person you will meet. And, I think it is important for one to be right. It’s the best thing."

Talking about his friends and enemies in the industry the actor said "I don't have enemies. It's just that I don't like a few people. Just because someone is born a few years before me, it's no reason for me to respect him. If that person keeps on disrespecting me or any member of my family, I refuse to give him due regard. Salman Khan believes that whether its a junior or senior you shouldn't be disrespectful to them. He added, "if that person is taking you for an idiot and is being disrespectful, then that’s not done".



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