Sallu Bhai slaps the guard for misbehaving with a Little fan

Salman Khan – Katrina Kaif starrer Bharat is released and he  was at a movie theatre in Mumbai to promote the same, when he slapped a security guard for supposedly being rough with a little Sardar kid. The video of this has gone viral and has made its way to social media as well.

In the video, it can be seen that when Salman Khan walks in, the crowd goes beresk. Salman Khan’s bodyguards and other security guards are trying to manage the crowd, when a little kid is pushed away.

The clip was first shared by Peeping Moon's Instagram page and the whole incident Was narrated, "BEING HUMAN... that is all Salman Khan was doing last night at the 'Bharat' premiere at PVR Phoenix Mills when he saw a little Sardar kid getting trampled in the throng of fans after a security guard assigned by the multiplex pushed him away from the actor. It was a fan boy moment for the little Sardar kid but the security guard spoiled it and endangered his innocent life. Salman Khan, who is fond of children, sprang to the kid's rescue. Angrily, he slapped the negligent security guard and admonished him for being rough and rude with the kid. Salman's bodyguard Gurmeet (Shera) Singh who was present confirmed the incident and said, "Bhai reacted instinctively." A fan took a video of the incident and sent to @peeping.moon saying, "Bhai ka dil itna bada hai jitna uska gussa! We fans were thrilled by his reaction. It shows how sensitive Salman Khan is."" but then he delete post 

Though, there is a debate going on in between the fans of Salman Khan as to whether  he took the right action or wrong.

by Lokendra Sharma | Thu, Jun 06 - 10:03 AM

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