A Sachin Tendulkar fan pens an emotional letter for Rahul Dravid, read it inside

Over the years there have been many legends in Indian cricket. From Kapil Dev to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India won World Cups and reigned supreme in the gentleman's game across the world. However, among all the legends who led team India to such heights, there was one man who has been compared to God himself. Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin is a religion. As evident from his biopic Sachin: a Billion dreams, he was the most loved cricketer ever to take the field. But over the years there have been many such players who deserved to be in that bracket along with Sachin but were overlooked. Due to any such reason, they may not have gotten the title of 'God' but that did not affect them. They kept serving the nation in their own way, becoming immortal in our memories.

One such player, who deserved more recognition and respect was Rahul Dravid. Current coach of the World Cup winning Indian U-19 cricket team, Rahul was unique player, a different breed of cricketer. As a fan, I have only this to say to Rahul:

You toiled hard for us, the sweat dripping from your eyebrow, and saved us from many precarious situations. But then, we overlooked you.

However, the most beautiful part of it is, you never complained. I think you got used to it. You were our silent warrior, the man who guarded our fortress, day after day, till you bid adieu to the sport. When you came to the crease, you gave us assurance. That brisk walk, that beautiful front foot stride, that solid backfoot defense.

Lastly, Rahul, I would like to tell you just this. We, as humans get extremely irritated and frustrated when our effort does not get the recognition that it deserves. But then, it happened to you almost throughout your career. But then again, you never complained.

As the adage goes:

"Sachin may be God. But even God in the temple is protected by the four walls around."

We go to the temple to pray to God, and not admire the walls around, isn’t it?


An ardent Sachin fan

by Admin | Fri, May 10 - 03:21 PM

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