Royal Wedding: Princess Diana never wore a Chanel, Reason is absolutely heart-breaking

Princess Diana’s was one true beauty and her style was classic. The best part is it is still followed by people all over the world.

Before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married, a pretty interesting thing was discovered regarding the late Princess Diana.

Princess Diana was the most loved royal and was widely appreciated for her philanthropy work and her warm nature. The late mother of Prince William and Harry was a style icon whose fashion choices were always on point and followed globally.

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The reason why she never wore a Chanel was:

An Australian designer, Jayson Brundson who worked with Diana during her final visit to Australia for a charity event gave an in-depth interview.

He said, "I was very good friends with Joh Bailey and Joh was appointed her hairdresser while she was here on the visit. She hadn't been divorced very long and Jo knew I was a massive fan. He had an assistant going with him every day to the Ritz Carlton in the morning to do her hair for the day. So he said to me, 'Would you like to come as my assistant?' on a Saturday and I said, 'Yes, of course, I would, I've love to'."

It was during then that he came across Diana’ reservation in wearing Chanel. He said, “She came out holding like handfuls of shoes and bags and just dumped them all down on the couch. Then said, 'What do you think?', so I went through them all and I found a pair of Chanel shoes, and I said, 'Well these would look great with the Versace,' and she said 'No, I can't wear linked Cs, the double C.' So I asked why, and she said, 'It's Camilla and Charles'."

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Princess Diana openly said that it wasn’t just Prince Charles and her in the marriage, Camilla Parker Bowles was always present in it. Princess Diana and Prince Charles got divorced in August 1996 but even before that tapes of romantic conversation between Prince Charles and Camilla were leaked leading to the rumours of him cheating on Diana and the infidelity caused thereafter.

Charles gave a TV interview in 1994, where he admitted to committing adultery while still being married to Diana. He said, "It became clear that the marriage had irretrievably broken down."

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Well, this was really touching, wasn't it?

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