Neetu apologizes to Seema Khan for Rishi Kapoor misbehavior to avoid more trouble

Sonam Kapoor's wedding is creating headlines every day for one or the other reason. Her wedding ceremony was a great get to gather for Bollywood celebrities. And there is nothing new about stars indulging in controversies at such events. The actor who grabbed media attention at Sonam's wedding is Rishi Kapoor. Well known for his blunt and rude behavior in public, there are rumors about Rishi Kapoor that he misbehaved with Seema Khan at the wedding reception party.

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Seema Khan is the wife of actor Sohail Khan and sister-in-law of Salman Khan. The reason behind Rishi's behavior came out to be his anger on Salman Khan. He felt disrespected by the way Salman greeted him. And the rage came out on Seema Khan as she discussed the matter with him. According to some reports, Seema Khan and Rishi Kapoor had an argument with each other in the party. Later Seema spoke about the whole matter to Salman Khan.

Seema Khan with actress Neelam-

The Bajrangi Bhaijaan of Bollywood looked out for Rishi to have a word with him. Salman was unable to meet him as by that time Rishi left the venue. On getting a hint about all the drama happening in the party, Neetu Kapoor like a good wife handled the situation. She apologized to Sohail and Seema for her husband's behavior.

Salman and Rishi in an event-

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Neetu has also said in an interview that Rishi is a brat and a bully. She also called her son, Ranbir Kapoor as a down to earth and simple man who never loses his cool. Seems like son and father are opposite to each other. This apology from Neetu at the right time could help her family in maintaining good terms with Khan family.

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