Review: Hereditary Movie Does Good At The Box Office, 4 on 5 for it

Fasten your seatbelt guys!

You are going to be taken on a rollercoaster of horror and spine-chilling scenes from the movie Hereditary. This will not only give you goosebumps but will also fasten your heartbeat!

The crux of the movie is something like this: A Graham family faces an unknown evil and this has been affecting the previous generations.

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A miniature artist by the name of Annie Graham shares a troublesome relationship with her mother. This is mainly because her mother is a private and a secretive person. After her mother, Ellen passes away, Anne’s daughter Charlie starts acting strangely.

She meets with an accident and her brother blames his own self for it. Annie tries to perform some activities and it goes wrong so the entire family is made to face a mysterious evil force which is not stoppable. It is something that will not leave them alone either.

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Horror films always have the same common thing that is haunted homes and demonic things that give you that feeling. The plot seems to be original in nature. The story develops slowly and still has the capacity to shake you up and bite your nails. It also terrifies you. 'Hereditary' has the capacity to make you believe that it is a psychological thriller and not a horror movie.

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The director, Ari created an atmosphere which is spooky and makes you go on the edge of your seats. Pawel Pogorzelski manages to create a creepy atmosphere with his cinematography skills.

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'Hereditary' is a movie that is full of suspense and horror. This will surely be your best and amazing experience in the horror movie genre!

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by Admin | Fri, Jun 22 - 12:57 PM

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