Reverse Waterfall Just Few Hours Away From Mumbai Is Simply Breathtaking

We all love to visit places where we can enjoying the beautiful view of water falling from the mountains. Trust me, there's no other beautiful view than this. People visit mountain areas a lot, especially during the rainy seasons. They enjoy the cool breeze and also the cold water making its way from the mountains and the voice is just too something to our ears.

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Well, we all have always seen water flowing from upwards to downwards, well, that's how it is and there's a scientific reason behind it.

But have you ever heard about Reverse Waterfall? No, right? Well, we will tell you.

There is a place called Naneghat which is just 3 hours away from Mumbai. It is a mountain pass situated in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra near Junnar in Pune.

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There’s a mystic mountain from which flows a reverse waterfall. Still not believing it? Read ahead and you will get all your answers.

This gravity-defying waterfall is a stunning flow of water which falls over a ridge. What makes it a reverse waterfall is the strong winds which blows it upwards.

So, what else you can do here?

Well, adventure junkiees can go on a trek to experience a unique trip which will be memorable for a lifetime. This reverse waterfall phenomenon is very rare and occurs only in the Monsoon season when the water current is strong. You can complete the trek to this mountain in just one day as it is a stretch of about 4 km.

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The nearest village to the starting point of the trek is Vaishakhare.

So folks, what are you waiting for, plan a trip with your friends and head off to see this beautiful breathtaking location and enjoy with your dear ones.


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