Revealed: Details about the yellow saree lady Election Officer whose images have gone viral on social media

In the age of social media, it takes a few hours for someone relatively unknown to become an internet sensation. Recently a girl who was supporting Royal Challengers Bangalore was dubbed as RCB girl on social media and overnight she became an internet sensation. Now another such incident has come forward where a lady election officer's images have gone viral.

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Elections in India are in full swing, and among the political fever that has taken over the nation, pictures of a lady in yellow saree have taken over the internet. Facebook and Twitter flooded with images of the officer who was posted on duty for the elections. Along with her pictures, some of her personal information was also revealed.

It is believed that this lady in yellow saree goes by the name of Reena Dwivedi. Earlier, some pictures claimed that Reena was from Jaipur however, later that turned out to be false. She hails from the city of Lucknow, and the images are from the same city, captured by photojournalist Tushar Roy.

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Reena can be seen carrying EVM machine along with her in pictures since she has been doing election duty at polling both number 173, near Nagram in Lucknow. These pictures were captured on 5th May when Reena was on site for inspection of the arrangement for elections.

Speaking about the whole incident, she said, "I was doing my duty. When I reached the polling booth with my team, someone took my pictures and they have since gone viral. Now, many people come and ask me for selfies."

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She said that the incident had both positive and negative impact as there were various rumors being spread about her. She also revealed that there was a 70% polling turn out at her booth. Before Reena's pictures went viral, her photo came in a local newspaper and after that, she became an internet sensation.

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