Restaurant Serves Food In Slippers And Washbasins! Hoards Of Customers Prefer This Place

The manner in which foodstuff gets served on a serving dish is of huge importance for food buffs.

In spite of having horrific taste, the appearance of foodstuff may win your heart from time to time. But, for a few, it is not the appearance but the flavor of the foodstuff that matters a lot.

There are a few restaurants that focus more on the appearance facet to entice its clientele.

In this piece of writing, we will talk about one such eating place, which has been magnetizing lots of people, just owing to the technique it serves the food on the serving dish.

Check out some of the most astounding images.

How about food being served on a slipper? Would you like to enjoy at such place?

image source

Check out this image where two burgers get served on a pig’s skull! Too much to assimilate?

image source

How about this image? This surely resembles a tree!

image source

Food with a syringe – This is really impressive. The food gets served with a syringe.

image source

A washbasin – This is also very funny.

image source

And currently, we will talk about the strangest image of them all. Yes, the food is served in an umbrella. This is really strange but true.

image source

After exploring all these images, one could just doubt what could be the sole objective of this eating place behind showcasing foodstuff in such a manner?

We could only think of one reason that this may be a trick to magnetize clientele. After all there are all types of individuals in this globe, and so is the likelihood of the survival of strange and uncanny food tricks.

by Vijay Singh | Mon, May 21 - 05:24 PM

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