Researchers discovered world’s first ever pregnant mummy; was 7 months pregnant

Researcher in Poland while examining an ancient Egyptian mummy which they thought to be of a male priest, but actually it turned out to be of a woman who was seven months pregnant.

Researchers revealed that this was the first case of well-preserved pregnant mummy. The mummy was first brought in Warsaw in 1826 in coffin with the name of male priest in scripted on it, which led the researchers to believe that it was a male mummy.

When researchers first saw the mummy, the realized that there was no penis, instead the mummy had breasts. Later, they noticed that the mummy was seven months pregnant.

Marzena Ozarek-Szilke, an anthropologist and archaeologist was among the researchers who made this discovery commented that they were shocked when they saw the little foot and hand of the unborn child, as per the Associated Press.

This study was a part of Warsaw Mummy Project, which deals with the study of mummies at the national museum. Since this is the first case of a pregnant embalmed body, it has opened up possibilities of research related to ancient time’s maternity and pregnancy.

“We do not know why the fetus was not taken out of the belly of the deceased during mummification. That is why this mummy is truly unique. We have not been able to find any similar cases. This means that ‘our’ mummy is the only recognized in the world with a fetus,” as stated by Wojciech Ejsmond, a team member.

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by News Desk | Mon, May 03 - 02:09 PM

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