Renault Kwid EV Model Designed In India Will Be Sold As An Electric Vehicle In China

The first market for Renault's EV model of hatchback ‘Kwid’ will not be in India instead it will be in China on which road the car will hit. The company's top executives say, the car might hit the Chinese roads by as soon as next year. However, Indian buyers will have to wait longer for the Kwid EV model as the government is yet to give the clarity on the country’s electric vehicle policy.

The small car is based on the CMF-A (Common Module Family-A) vehicle architecture. The Kwid EV is manufacturing in India which will offer a range of 250 kms at a full charge. It comes with significant body frame and chassis changes as compared to its existing model as well.

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It is Renault’s first affordable electric vehicle which has been designed by engineers in Chennai and technical center in India and will hit China’s roads in the next one year.

Carlos Ghosn, global chairman of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance considering China, the first market for EV model said, “There are 27 million cars sold in China and 4 million in India. I go where the market is, and China is the most promising market right now for EVs — it is the largest market.”

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The company is still awaiting electric vehicle policy in India and the company does have India as a prospective market for the Kwid EV. “It would logically one day make it to India as the platform, which is based in China, can be transferred easily to India and also because the Indian Prime Minister wants electric cars in the market."

He added, “I’m not talking about it (India) today because we are going to go step-by-step and the first step is China. It doesn’t mean the Kwid electric will not go to India but I’m just saying I’ll go where the market is and for the moment, China is the most promising market for EVs."

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Recently, in a mobility summit in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about driving investments across the value chain from batteries to smart charging to electric vehicle manufacturing. 

by Vijay Singh | Sun, Oct 07 - 11:37 AM

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